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Pitaya Breakfast Bowl

If you’ve never heard of the word ‘pitaya’ it’s cool, neither had I. It wasn’t until someone told me it was dragon fruit that I was said “oh, the pretty fruit that tastes like nothing?”

It’s true, if you have never had fresh dragonfruit before, 8/10 times it tastes like nothing. On rare occasion I have had one that was beyond delicious. Sweet and tropical tasting with huge hits of floral undertones.

Now they are selling the puree in the frozen section of the market, (next to the acai puree) and let me tell you it could be my new favorite thing!

The puree itself is subtle in flavor but has a really nice quality to it. When mixed up in a blender with banana, some fresh fruit and a little fresh mint, HOLY WOW. It’s like a tropical storm exploded in your mouth!

While some acai bowls have a heavier flavor, pitaya bowls are so light, and refreshing it will make you want to go and jump into a summer pool all year round.

Not only is this stuff so dang pretty you won’t be able to contain yourself, it is so good for you as well. It is packed with immunity-boosting vitamins, can improve weight loss (sign me up), helps with high blood pressure.

pitaya bowl2

Since I have been obsessed with putting things in coconuts lately, I used coconut shells as my bowls when I served them. It just makes me feel like I am on vacation even though it might be a Monday morning.

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Pitaya Breakfast Bowls

(serves 2)
  •  1 frozen banana
  • 1 package of frozen pitaya
  • ¼ cup frozen mango
  • ¼ cup berries
  • ¼ cup almond milk (add a little more if you need it)
  • 1 tablsepoon mint leaves.
Place all ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor. Blend until smooth, adding more almond milk if necessary. Scoop into bowl and top with fresh banana, fruit, granola, chia, hemp and flax seed. I like to garnish mine with a touch of extra mint for color

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  • Something new to try! It sounds delicious.

  • That color is…..WOW!!! I’m going to be on the look out for pitaya. :)

  • Deanne // 3.16.17

    Yummerzzzz!!! And so GORGEOUS too!!! Now I need to find pitaya!! Thanks, Alex!!

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