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Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas aka Mariskaritas

I love tequila. If I didn’t have morals I would probably put tequila in my morning protein shakes, but alas, my morality gets the best of me.  I work extremely long hours and nothing satisfies my soul quite like coming home after a long days work, plopping down on my couch and watching a marathon of Law and Order SVU while sipping on a margarita. My roommates would watch me day in and day out unwind from a long days work on the couch, drink in a hand as I watched bad guys get slammed into walls by Detectives Benson and Stabler. They made fun of me at first and playfully would tease me calling my margarita a “Mariskarita”, after the shows star Mariska Hargitay. Combining my guilty pleasures of tequila and SVU into one drink might be the most brilliant thing that has ever happened in my life.  Eventually, the roomies started to join in on my fun and now it has become a tradition in our household that when we all return home from work a healthy dinner is made, a batch of “Mariskaritas” are whipped up and an episode of SVU is watched. I have seen every single episode, and I don’t apologize for that.

This margarita is probably one of my favorites because unlike a traditional margarita that is filled with sugar and calories, it’s is light and slightly sweetened with honey or agave syrup. The burn from the jalapenos compliment the bite from the tequila, leaving a very unique burn in your mouth. If you don’t like spicy stuff you can omit the jalapenos all together. Tequila is derived from agave which makes it naturally gluten free, so sip away fellow Celiacers.

Law & Order: Special Victims UnitMuch Love and DUN DUN!

Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

(makes 4 margaritas)
  • 1-cup reposado tequila
  • 2 cups grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed is obviously better)
  • 1/4 cup  mint leaves
  • ¼ cup lime juice, reserve two lime rinds
  • 2 TBSP honey
  • 1 jalepenos (take seeds and ribs out if you like less spicy)
  1. Put lime juice, two leftover rinds, honey, serrano, and mint into a pitcher. Take a wooden spoon or muddler and muddle the ingredients together.  Add tequila and grapefruit juice and stir to combine. Rim each glass with some lime juice, and dip into a mixture of salt and chili powder. Pour enough ice into glass and fill your glass up with the margarita!

Gluten Free Whole Grain Waffles from Scratch


YES. I just love the way that word sounds. To me, brunch is the key to a happy life. Sunday morning is my absolute favorite time of the week. After church on Sundays nothing makes me happier than to spend the rest of the day eating amazing food, and drinking incredible cocktails with great friends. I used to work 7 days a week, but now try and take Sundays off when I can. Now more than ever my Sundays off are the days where anything goes.

During the week I am pretty rigid with my breakfast fair. Keeping it healthy and light with things like protein smoothies, and or egg-whites. But Sundays?! Girl, you best watch out. I am a waffle eating monster.

Gluten Free Fried Chicken and Biscuits

So I have been on a bit of a health kick lately. I really feel such a difference when I am eating right and exercising everyday. That being said, there are the occasional days I like to indulge myself in a meal that I feel encompasses all that is comfort and deliciousness. For me, Fried Chicken and Biscuits could be the most beautiful pairing since Sonny and Cher. I firmly believe that if you are going to indulge into a meal that is not in the top 10 of “Healthiest Foods on the Planet”, it has to be worth it and it has to be in moderation. Let me tell you something Nancy, this meal is WORTH IT.


I LOVE ME SOME BLOODY MARY’S! There are a wide spectrum of delicious additions and garnishes you can play around with. For me I love a thick rich, smoky Bloody Mary with extra kick. A good Bloody Mary has the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. My Roasted Tomato Bloody Mary is the perfect balance between the two. I actually add roasted tomato salsa in the mix and I know it sounds crazy but trust me it works. I came about this recipe because literally was eating Wholly Guacamole’s Roasted Tomato Salsa one day and thought to myself, “this kind of tastes like a bloody mary”. BOOM! Inspiration hit. I of course dove right into creating a recipe for it. I came up with what now is my absolute favorite bloody mary on the planet. Sometimes I will garnish it with grilled shrimp, other times I’ll leave it plain, or throw a few olives in there. It just depends on my mood and the weather. :) This is perfect for game tomorrow! Do it. I dare you.

Gluten Free Blackened Fish Tacos with Grilled Corn & Mango Salsa

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GREAT TACO?! I mean I could seriously eat tacos the REST of my life and be totally okay with that.
Here is episode 2 of my new series on My website is under construction at the moment so once it’s done all of these posts will be UBER FABULOUS! so please bear with the brevity of my blog posts! We are working away at re launching soon!
If you want to laugh and drool at the same time (try it it’s very soothing), watch the video below. Make sure to like video and subscribe to all of HUNGRY’s videos!

Roasted Chicken & Goat Cheese Enchiladas

OH SNAP!!! Party time! Here is my very first episode of my new show Bites and Booze; Gluten Free on This is a very surreal moment for me, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is actually happening. That I actually have a show that’s going to air. What?! It’s a fun whimsical, often times ridiculous cooking show. I really hope you enjoy it, laugh, cry, wait don’t cry, there’s no crying in baseball! I hope you would subscribe to and share my videos with your friends.

The first recipe featured are my Gluten Free Goat Cheese and Chicken Enchiladas! These little rascals are perfectly balanced between smokey, creamy and tangy. I use corn tortillas instead of the traditional flour tortilla because we all know flour tortillas ain’t gluten free, girl! This recipe is great to serve at a family dinner, or bring to a potluck, but I like to serve this enchilada recipe when I have people come over to watch football. Game day is my favorite day of the week during football season. I am a football fanatic! I am HUGE JETS fan, and turn into quite the little animal when it’s game time. I love to have people over to watch the game with me but I hate having to “entertain” while the game is playing. I like to fix these Chicken and Goat Cheese Enchiladas up before my guests arrive and just pop it into the oven when people get hungry.

My New Cooking Show BITES AND BOOZE; GLUTEN-FREE coming to YouTube September 15th!

Woh! Guys this is nuts. Never in my life did I think this would EVER happen. I have a cooking show! WOOOOHOOO! I am able to combine my love of laughter and passion for food together into one. I could not be more excited for all of you to see it!:)

It launches September 15th on There will be new videos up every week!:) You can always check back here for the recipes from all the videos.