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“To me food and laughter go hand and hand. Whether it’s feeding someone a comforting meal, or telling them a joke, the emotion that is evoked in someone when they experience one of those two things is one in the same. It’s that warm, soul satisfying inevitable happiness that I crave. Laughter and food are like this universal language. It a form of acceptance, it’s an invitation, whatever barrier that was up before, gets knocked down as soon as the plate hits the table.” – Alex

Alex Thomopoulos ( is a stand-up comedian turned chef. After graduating from the Second City Hollywood, studying at The Groundlings and Upright Citizen Brigade, and spending over two years performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, Alex discovered that she enjoyed cooking more than performing on stage. With that in mind, she enrolled in the International Culinary School at the Art Institute and soon after started her own catering company. Her unique and flavor-packed cooking style has led to growing success for her and her business. 

Her goal as a chef is to create delicious, approachable and comforting food and drink recipes that teach technique as well as confidence in the kitchen.  Passionate about the environment and cooking with sustainable ingredients, she strives to prove just how versatile and doable a healthy and conscious lifestyle can be.

 As a host, Alex’s extensive background in acting and improvisation allows her to shine on camera. Her passion for food and laughter is infectious; her spontaneous, quirky and honest personality and her ability to think on her feet makes Alex a unique and refreshing talent. She has been a series regular on MTV’s comedy series Disaster Date, has hosted two digital series on HUNGRY’s YouTube Channel (Bites & Booze: Gluten Free and Gluten Free with Alex T) and is a reoccurring guest and guest co-host of Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show.

Alex is a regular recipe and content contributor for a number of brands and media outlets, including KitchenAid, Burton and Chalkboard Magazine websites. In 2015, she wrote and starred in an interactive online course for Mind Body Green and debuted her first digital cookbook, Tastes Like Hugs


Alex lives in Nashville, TN with her chihuahua, Axl Rose. 

Twitter Handle: @alexthomopoulos

Instagram Handle: @alextcooks

Facebook Page: 


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